ICN gallery

Gallery Concept: Introducing new works which use Japanese culture and sensibilities as their base.
□ Exhibitions with Japanese and other Asian artists
□ Sale of works
□ Sale of original merchandise by artists

Hexaproject London Ltd.

Director: Hideyuki Kume , Hisami Omori
Established October 2010
We expect to raise the profile of Japanese culture in the UK by supporting, exhibiting and demonstrating traditional Japanese culture and arts.

Head Office

Hexaproject Co Ltd.
6-16 Hinode-cho,Aoi-ku,Shizuoka-shi, Japan 420-0837
Representative: Hideyuki Kume
Established November 1,1996
Operation management and project planning in the creative industry


After opening the contemporary art gallery Mixed Media in 2002, the non profit organization Hexaproject was established in 2006 with the purpose of cultivating creative business and education. Our design consulting, management, production & curating professionals organize independent arts education support programs, both in Japan and internationally, through a variety of art & culture activities, school workshops & presentations. Hexaproject London Limited was established in October 2010 and the opening of the ICN gallery & cafe is planned for September 2011 in London

Work includes: